Livin' on borrowed time.


u finally make enough money to have a black car pick u up from the airport, but the guys always put the sign down when they see u cause they know it can’t be u. then u walk up to them and say “im donald” and they go “…oh”.

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remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

This post creeps me out because it is absolutely true 

My wants are simple: a job that I like and a guy whom I love.

Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed (via simply-quotes)

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First Love


I guess what hurt the
most was when she
came and you left
while I was still here.

I guess I jumped
straight in, not
knowing this part
of the ocean was
emptier than deep.

I guess it’s my fault


Do not tell everyone your story. You will only end up feeling more rejected. People cannot give you what you long for in your heart. The more you expect from people’s response to your experience of abandonment, the more you will feel exposed to ridicule.

Henri. J.M. Nouwen (via wordsnquotes)

horoscope: you breathe on a daily basis

me: omg that is so me how did they do that